Biggest Esports tournaments in 2020

Esport tournaments 2020 schedule

Esports is the fastest-growing niche in the world. Just a decade ago, no one would imagine how successful your can become by playing you favorite battle royale 24/7 in a small room. The local competitions grew into national tournaments, which then attracted some major sponsors. As a result – the multibillion industry with the immense prize pools given away almost weekly.

The International 10

Game: Dota 2
Developer: Valve
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date: August 18-23

Even though there were multiple new market entries, Dota 2 doesn’t give up its positions. So far, it’s been breaking the prize pool records for 10 years due to The International being the most generous annual tournament. As usual, there will be 18 teams competing for the first place; 12 of them will get a direct invitation from Valve, whereas the rest will be selected judging from the results of the regional qualifiers.

This year, the competition will begin in late August and last for 6 days. All the fans are invited to visit a picturesque European capital – Stockholm and check out the Globen (local globe-alike arena). It’s the first time since 2011 Valve comes back to Europe. The tickets will be available in May – make sure to receive a special code for early purchase!

Fortnite World Cup

Game: Fortnite
Developer: Epic Games
Location: TBH
Date: TBH

In 2019, Fortnite did a great job in terms of promotion and thus gathered more than 2,3 million active viewers during the World Cup. Nothing like the esports tournaments UK 2020 – the total prize pool reached 100 million – why wouldn’t we expect more this year?

Fortnite is known as the favorite game of generation Z: most of the experienced players who got to the finals in 2019 were barely 18 years old. In 2020, the rules are most likely to stay the same. The venue, however, can be changed… We’ll miss New York and its wonderful Arthur Ashe stadium, which hosted around 20,00 visitors last year.

League of Legends World Championship

Game: LoL (League of Legends)
Developer: Riot Games
Location: China
Date: TBH

LoL comes as a legendary veteran in esports – this game did experience ups and downs. Needless to say, they inspired fierce loyalty from their audience, which is excited to follow their annual World Championship updates.

Like any other responsible developer, RG ensures every region is represented: overall, we expect to watch 24 teams from 14 regions. It’s also clear that the event will be divided into three stages: Play-In, Group Stage, and Knockout Stage. In 2019, the prize pool spread among the finalists equaled $ 2,250,000 – not that big of a sum comparing to the other outstanding tournaments. However, what can be better than entering the LoL Hall of Fame?

Overwatch World Cup

Game: Overwatch
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Location: TBH
Date: TBH

Overwatch is a relatively young game; still, we could already witness 4 World Cups happening in recent years. There is a true reason behind South Korea being named a genuine pro in esports – these guys won 3 out of 4 Overwatch tournaments (the USA managed to steal the victory last time).

There are not that many details announced about the championship, but the experts assume, the 2020 event will take a similar route as in 2019: 10 teams will compete for getting to the semi-final and then 5 of them will go on the stage. One of the issues many professional teams face is the lack of funding. Again, Overwatch is mainly played by the younger generation and thus they need a sponsor to cover all the preparations.

ESL One: Rio

Game: CS:GO
Developer: Valve
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date: May 11-24

ESL by CS:GO is one of the most anticipated esports events in 2020. The game is not nearly an amateur on the market, which gives it a significant advantage in terms of knowledgeable and still passionate audience.

In 2020, Valve is going to Brazil. Even after the carnival season, it will be hot! 16 teams will compete following the Swiss format. Some of the leaders you could hear about from the last years are Mousesports, G2 Esports, CR4ZY, MIBR, FaZe Clan, and North (the others will be announced later in the year). As usual, the stream will be broadcasted in two main languages – Russian and English.

This list includes just the top 5 esports to hold their major events in 2020. In fact, a dedicated esports fan can find way more tournaments directly on the profiles of their favorite game and its developer. So far, the released tickets won’t cost you a fortune – make sure you get them in advance. Another thing not to forget is your visa – start taking care of it today and don’t miss a chance to join a wild community of esports geeks

Author: Roberto Pena