How To Enrage A Dragon: Four Stories About The Rage Of Chinese Fans In Cybersport

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Searching for a safe place to bet and Googling “league of legends betting uk”? Know your players before taking out your money. The game chats record everything, and those who are too rude are going to be punished. Chinese fans, among others, will ensure this.

The recent conflict between Carlo Kuku Pallad and Chinese Dota 2 community that has become one of the main autumn topics is a typical example. This racist scandal with TNC Predator player was discussed at all cybersport sites. Moreover, some English-speaking commentators even have refused to work at the Chongqing Major because Valve has banned Pallade from participating.

The incident with Kuku is not the first time when Chinese community was angry with a professional player because of his rash words or actions. has remembered other victims that fell out of favor with Chinese fans.

Said Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan has angered Chinese fans in March, 2016. While preparing to the Shanghai Major 2016, this Pakistani player often participated in local game publics. He was successfully moving up the Chinese ladder. Everything was calm, until after one failed match, SumaiL has insulted one of his team mates, blaming him for losing. This player happened to be none other than the champion of the International 2012,  Jian YYF Cen. He was playing from his smurf account.

YYF has finished his career in 2014 and is one of the most popular streamers in China. His translations gather hundreds thousands of viewers. YYF fans have really disliked SumaiL’s manners, and they have spammed Evil Geniuses, the player’s Twitter account, with angry comments and threats. With time, this scandal has subsided. Eventually, Chinese community has forgiven Sumail. His team has participated in a local tournament in China after this  incident, and had no problems with local Dota 2 fans.

China vs Dendi

Even Danil Dendi Ishutin has managed to make Chinese fans mad by making an unfortunate joke about Zhan Xiao8 Ning in the Alienware Cup finale. At the end of the match with LGD Gaming, the Ukrainian player has written a sentence in Chinese that he has understood incorrectly. In translation, it approximately meant «I have had good fun with your girlfriend Zhou Jie. She is mine now».

Dendi has apologized before xiao8 immediately after the game, even though the Chinese player understood his intention and was not angry. Xiao8 and Dendi have preserved their friendly relationship, but Chinese fans have not forgiven the Ukrainian for his brazenness. Xiao8 even had to address his admirers in Weibo, asking them not to support the conflict and not to take Ishutin’s words seriously.

China against Kyle

Kyle Kyle Friedman has angered Chinese Dota 2 fans before the ESL One Manila 2016 tournament. In his interview to the Esports Inquirer portal, he has shared his opinion about the region’s problems and also criticized the game of Bai rOtK Fan and results of the Newbee:

«Bai rOtK Fan just amazes me. This guy is awful in Dota, and he is also an impossible egoist, but he still gets young players in his teams. And look at Newbee, for instance. They have won the The International 2014 and became so self-important that they stopped worrying about the game at all. In Frankfurt they have lost even to Peru, and this says a lot ».

After such fighting words, Chinese fans of Dota 2 got angry with Kyle and spammed his social networks accounts. The player himself viewed this situation with good humor, but he has never apologized for what was said. This conflict has finally subsided when reddit has made public some fotos where Kyle, rOtk and other Chinese players were playing “Jenga”.

China vs

Following their victory in the Bucharest Major, players of have said in their interview that their fellow Chinese players never have given them any trouble and have not surprised them with anything. These words inflamed the Newbee teammate and champion of  The International 2014 tournament   — Wang “SanSheng” Zhaohui. He thought that VP players do not respect Chinese gamers  and expressed his view that such teams usually end badly.

«When I have seen the VP interview, I thought that these guys are just searching for something to make fun of. Any Chinese gamer would get mad because of this! <…> I hate being made fun of. The Russians are mocking us: I hope we will take revenge and will pay them with the same coin. To hell with VP!».

VP players were surprised by such strong reaction of the Chinese community. Noone has explained that his words were understood incorrectly, but the scandal couldn’t be avoided. Two fan armies – one from China, and other from Russia – went to battle in Internet and social networks. The first insisted that players in VP are too stuck up and that their team has not achieved anything in the International (unlike SanSheng, for instance). In their turn, the VP fans called the former Newbee player «Shan Tsung».

Later, SanSheng himself has resolved the conflict, telling his fans to be less active and decide all issues in tournament battles: «I do not want to insult anyone, but I am just hoping that such disrespect from the enemy would inspire Chinese teams to work harder. TI8 will put everything into its proper place!».

Author: Roberto Pena