Is eSports Worth Paying Attention To?

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More and more people today choose eSport and transform this hobby into a well-paid and dream job. But is it really worth your attention? And how can RedBet UK help you achieve your goals? Here you can find more.

Even if we all think that cybersport is an activity we regularly see on the tournaments, that’s not really true. Cybersport is a competition between several people in gaming, so it means that as soon as there is an opportunity to do so, eSport becomes a reality. With time, betting also arose on the platform, making RedBet UK and other providers open tons of opportunities for the fans and other gamers.

Gaming is one of the key topics of the previous year, making its way in all searching platforms all over the world. With websites like YouTube and Twitch, game streaming became a big thing worldwide, eventually developing into a huge base called cybersport.

What is eSport?

Cybersport is not just a bunch of school losers in their thick-lensed glasses staring into their monitors 24/7; this is a common misconception. Every competition is worthy attention of everybody; it’s just the same as in any other sport, it’s tough and nerve-wracking. There are teams, sportsmen, managers, coaches and the players have special training before competing.

Many people don’t seem to understand why eSports is so popular today and why tickets for such events are always sold out. Some experts even say that it will only continue growing in the future, becoming the biggest competitions along with football and other popular types of sport.

Interesting facts about E-sport:

The rules are not that simple. If there are one list of rules for games like football and basketball, gaming rules for eSport become very odd and different for newcomers, especially if you’ve never played the most popular games like Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, Overwatch, Dota and Halo. There are two ways to play, and it depends on the game style – it can be a first-person shooter or a multiplayer online battle arena. Moreover, the competitions are centred on the game. The prize also depends on it, making it vary from the minimum of $100, 000 to $18 million and more.Cybersport is developing and growing every day. As we’ve already said, eSport is growing rapidly, and it’s just how technology is changing our life, making it more and more computer-based with every second. With a huge amount of prize money, some people may wonder where it all comes from. The answer is sponsors. Many well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Redbull and YouTube make it their duty to sponsor such games, advertise them and spend money on professional tournaments.

Top-7 Richest English Cyber Sportsmen

Spencer Ealing, more known as HugeGorilla, has earned more than $322, 000 playing and competing in FIFA 17.Craig Rathbone with a nickname iRaffer, earns almost $252, 000 playing SMITE, an action MOBA.Snitch (real name Joshua Bennett) from the team Dignitas, earned $238,700 competing in a game called Heroes of the Storm.Bance (Ben Bance) has earned more than $209,500 while playing for the team Red Reserve in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.MadCat with the real name Dylan Dally has an amount of $193,800 reached by gaming in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Lightning Pandas.Trei Morris (nickname Zer0), had won a whole $187,500 in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare by playing in a team Infused.Joee, who originally goes by Joe Pinnington, has earnings of $179,723.52 after playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III in a team Epsilon.

Author: Roberto Pena