LoL, Wild Rift, and Tabletop Games Updates

League of Legends

League of Legends is an unmistakably classic online battle game, which didn’t give up its popularity through the years. It’s been a decade since LoL saw the world for the first time. Now, it got more competitors than ever, and that means, the time for changes is finally here.

After most of the developers announced their plans, Riot Games has finally shared their updates concerning not solely LoL but some other unexpected marketing solutions.


It took a while to realize what mistakes Riot Game made when releasing their products before 2019. Still, their CEO recently announced that there’s a lot of work to be done in terms of client issues. So far, the main goals for 2020 are “champion select, client load times, and the overall performance and speed of the client”.

Apart from these, Riot keeps revealing the latest champion designs. We can finally take a glance at new versions of Volibear & Fiddlesticks, which were supposed to go through a complete visual and gameplay renovation. Renovated characters are expected to raise the rates of lol esports betting, which looked unstable because of Overwatch and Fortnite entering arena a couple of years ago.

Volibear seems to get younger – now he looks like an aggressive terrifying warrior rather than another Yoda with miserable claws. Needless to say, fans did want Volibear to gain most of its new design from Eldritch; instead, Eldritch will be released as skin as soon as other visual updates get here.

Judging from the teaser, Fiddlesticks has finally turned into a horror character – the one we always expected it to be. Its new kit became a brilliant addition to its new appearance – the champion is prepared for combat!

Another news LoL fans are excited about is the release of Sett 10.1, which is ready to kickstart the game on the live servers instead of PBE ones. Traditionally, as a new champion, Sett will be available for 975 RP; however, if you were lucky enough to receive a card “Boss’ Calling”/”Sett’s Calling”, your Sett will come to you for free.

Rumor has that in summer, Riot Games will release two more characters – “blossoming” jungler and a masked stranger (a nice move before all the upcoming events like Summoner’s Rift).

LoL Mobile

A few years ago, LoL developers launched a mobile app aimed at the audience on the move. Now, it’s lagging behind a bit due to the market saturation and, to be honest, a relatively weak UI. It’s natural that Riot Games preferred to focus on the lucrative web client than on the niche market, but all isn’t lost – here comes Wild Rift!

The release of another LoL-inspired mobile app is planned for 2020 (Android, iOS, and consoles included). The polished mobile version of LoL was made from scratch not to repeat the failure of the previous LoL-based mobile games. By the way, such a rebuilt became the reason for a significant release delay – Wild Rift was supposed to arrive in October 2019.

Like any other company, RG wants to attract a new audience by offering a new product. In 2020, their target is Asia – a professional gaming market with a high barrier of entry.

Wild Rift comes a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) implying a faster gaming process without neglecting the mechanics. Instead, the newest design sketches revealed some of the functions that will match a device the game is played on. For instance, 5v5 map (you could previously see it in Summer Rift), 40 LoL champion characters, dual stick, and a thumb-friendly control scheme are promised to work harmonically (what a heck of a combination!).

As it was mentioned, China is the lucky country to host the landing of alpha and beta versions of the game in 2020. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, India, and Thailand are the next standing in the line. The preorder is available for Android owners.

All in all, the most attractive feature about Wild Rift is that it’s expected to be absolutely free of charge. You will have to pay neither for downloading the game nor for earning the champions.

Tabletop games

On January 8th, Riot Games announced breaking news: in 2020, they will dedicate much attention to designing tabletop games. So far, we know just about Tellstones: King’s Gambit, which is a 2-4-player bluffing game to take you to the kingdom of Demacia. TKG was originally inspired by the LoL universe. Thus, if it is successful enough,  it can receive a PC analog in 2021.

Fantasy Flight Games was a pioneer in launching both boarding and PC game on the same topic. They failed with promoting both, but it doesn’t imply that such a market giant as Riot Games will get into the same trap.

Riot Games made our all-time-favorite LoL stand against new market entries and rivals. LoL seems to be more powerful than it’s ever been! Hopefully, this spirit will inspire all the fans to try other RG products they’ve been working on for years.


Author: Roberto Pena