Player Of The Year In Dota 2

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First launched in 2009 as a free-to-play, Dota 2, a video game developed by Valve Corporation is one of the most popular today, even going on to give LoL developers a run for their money. Anyone who has been following the cyber sports news would agree that it is more or less like a sequel to WarCraft3, but, that is not all. There are as many cyber games as you would wish to play in eSports including lots of sportsbooks like esports betway where bettors can wager on the predictions.

While League of Legends has been dominating the scene for years now, raking in more than 100 million dollars in its wake, competitors like Dota 2 continue to emerge. Many events took place last year, and in 2019, main and major qualifiers are already underway. It would also interest you to note that this time around, the number of Dota 2 tournaments has been reduced by half, so you can expect only 11 of them running up to 30th June.

Prize Pools

Today, prize pools for Dota 2 run into millions of dollars, and most of the money comes from crowdfunding, apart from event sponsors and investors in eSports. The largest prize money for 2018 main even championship tournament was $25, 532, 177. But, since the value has been steadily increasing, we can very well expect even a bigger prize pool in 2019.

January 2019 qualifiers underway

Dota 2 January Major Qualifier is currently underway, but before you can start preparing for the main event on March 14rd to 24th, and others, it won’t hurt to refresh everyone’s memory about the happenings of 2018; in particular, the player of the year.  Therefore, a question you should be asking at this point is who won the trophy and prize money? Well, take a look at the next section to find out.

2018 Dota 2 Winner:

First and foremost, we all would agree that 2018 eSports arena saw little-known names lift trophies in different eSports games and categories. That is not to mention that big money many deals were struck in the wake of huge interests from video game sponsors, betting companies and enthusiasts. But, after OG’s magic run to the Dota 2TI8 finals, Valve’s changes to the gaming system, including gaming rules such as point distribution and point distribution for DPC qualifying teams must have come as fair play to all participants.

In spite of its strong presence in most of Dota 2 events, OG had hardly made impressive progress in the past until last year when its miraculous run to the big day’s finals caught the attention of everyone. Take note that that the team lost its most important players namely S4 and Fly, who had quit in the lead up to the homestretch tournaments. With such a setback, it became less-favourite for the top price. However, after Pham, the organisation’s former player rejoined, things took a different turn, and before the eyes of everyone, a Cinderella story was unfolding.

Despite playing against difficult opponents such as VGJ.storm which won group B title, OG beat them 2-0, and later a 2-1 victory over Evil Geniuses, albeit, tight, was a culmination of biggest surprise in T18.  After making it to the finals, mighty PSG: LDG was threatening to take the glory taking down OG’s good run in the first sets with wins like 2-1, but, their hopes were cut short when the troublesome new finalists thrashed the latter 3-2 before the final whistle.

Therefore, in spite of the narrow win, OG did not only emerge Dota 2 TI8 championship winners but also left an indelible mark in the competition. Any team can win, and even with the challenges, they did it!

Author: Roberto Pena