The Most Fun Moments Of eSports Tournaments In 2018

UK eSports tournaments

From expanding betting markets, and big money deals to highly popularized e-Sports tournaments, 2018 goes down in history as a remarkable season in the Video gaming industry. If you didn’t catch up with Overwatch events at the onset of summer, not to mention League of Legends competitions toward the end of the last year, then you probably got wind of Unibet partnership deal with Astralis, a CS: GO gaming giant. The walk down the memory lane covering the last twelve months is something eSports lover would reminisce.

Now, before the new year picks momentum, especially in cyber sports, there is no doubt players, gamers, watchers, and streamers are all set for an exciting 2019. You may want to check out these UK eSports tournaments to keep abreast with this year’s calendar, but, first, here is a recap of some of the most fun moments in 2018 events:

OG’s Dota 2 Miracle Run is Unforgettable!

Anyone hooked to Dota 2 tournaments would agree that OG, a gaming organization has never been tipped to win anything given their bad run all-through. Having lost s4 and Fly, its most valued players, in the run-up to TI8 event, no one expected them to get a spot even in the knockout rounds. But, there was a strange turn of events that left tongues wagging with envy.  Pham, a player of OG, rejoined, and the ensuing days gave birth to a Cinderella story.

With the help of Pham, OG’s story took a turn for the better beating group B winners, VGJ.storm 2-0 in the first round, and going onward to annihilate Evil Genius 2-.1. Surprisingly, they made it to finals where they battled it with one of the toughest competitors, PSG: LGD, edging them out in the final set 3-2 despite several setback defeats in earlier sets to win 2018 tournament.

Cloud 9, Winning CS:GO Boston League in a Twist of Events

There is no doubt the Boston League was one of the most anticipated CS: GO tournaments, but, no one knew with dwindling hopes, Cloud 9 was set to bag the prize money in the finals. First of all, it would interest you to note that it was the only remaining team from North America. Therefore, Cloud 9 edging out tough competitors like G2 Esports and SK gaming, including the event’s tipped winners like FaZe Clan highlighted the fact that any competitor can take home, Video gaming trophy.

China Etched its Name on League of Legends Competitions

South Korea has been a household name in LoL beating every team on its way to the prize money. But, China, a competitor that has lost almost every match to Korea in tournaments sang a different tune last year. After memorable triumphs through 2018 seasons, IG from China took down Kingzone Dranonx, Korea’s toughest team, and finally capping off the year as historic winners of last year’s championship after beating Fnatic in the finals.

London Spitfire Walked Away with a Victory in Overwatch (OWL Championships)

It seems last year was full of surprises, highlighting a fast-paced eSports industry as little-known or less favorite teams bagged huge prices. In overwatch, the story was not different as London Spitfire was crowned overwatch champions. In spite of the best teams from all over the world headlining the much anticipated 2018 final tournament, they were only to see the trophy from afar. Gallant gamers like Los Angles and New York Excelsior were tipped to win but that never took place, but instead, London Spitfire beat Philadelphia Fusion in the finals to carry the day.

Author: Roberto Pena