The Top 5 Rising Mobile Esports of 2020

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Mobile apps in the esports industry used to be a simplified addition to the main game. Apart from South Korea and China, no countries could be proud of this developed market segment. However, 2019 kickstarted a new international trend implying mobile esports taking a competitive position: tournaments, growing prize pools, and an endless list of potential sponsors – what can sound better for an avid esports fan?

So far, 2020 is planned to be the year of mobile esports betting, thus multiple developers can’t miss a chance to encourage loyalty from their new audience. Want to see the most probable leaders?

1. PUBG Mobile

2019 was a fruitful year for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. It gathered almost 600,000 views during Spring Split Global final setting a record for the game. Apart from Club Open, PUBG will also present the World League, which is expected to become the most expensive mobile esports championship in 2020. The expected prize pool can reach $5 million!

Both leagues set special tournaments for picking the most talented amateurs and bringing them to the PUBG Mobile Pro. By the way, in 2020, Mobile Pro will come to South Asia and both Americas for meeting the ambitions of local PUBG Mobile fans. So far, the dominant country to surprise us with the biggest number of avid players is India (50 million). If by 2021, PUBG reaches similar numbers around the world, it can easily take the leading position in the niche.

2.Call of Duty Mobile

There is a significant age difference between Call of Duty and Call of Duty Mobile – 17 years. One would assume, such a fact would deny the success of the latest version since it wouldn’t have a chance to attract a new audience. Well, so far CDM was downloaded almost 200 million times!

Even though Call of Duty Mobile is brand new to the market, there are multiple tournaments set already, which will allow building both amateur and professional communities just in a few months. For example, Singapore will host The Clan Invasion Tournament after an immense success Mission One had in Thailand with the $6,600 prize pool. Thanks to the powerful advertising strategies Garena is using, Call of Duty is close to becoming the world’s most popular mobile one-person shooter.

3.League of Legends: Wild Rift

LoL can be proud of its established audience, which doesn’t give up its loyalty through the years. At the same time, most of the LoL fans were not that much excited when its first mobile version saw the world. Most of them couldn’t switch to a smaller screen and a limited function set in spite of the global promotion. However, Wild Rift didn’t encounter any entry barriers.

So far, many old-school LoL fans are up for trying Wild Rift even though Riot Games didn’t expect much. A particular thing about LoL developers is them being fully dedicated to the PC version of the game than to any of its alternatives.

4.Clash Royale

CL is one of the mobile pioneers that manages to stay on the charts in 2020 as well. Since it’s not their first year on the market, their prize pools look fantastic – $400,000 was given away during The Clash Royale World Finals in December of 2019. Team Liquid and Fnatic proved their strong presence in the niche; during their competition, Clash Royale gets the impressive numbers of views!

Another thing to encourage more views in 2018 was CR giving away gold, chests, and gems to their online audience. In 2019, however, Clash Royale refused to hand out the free perks. At the same time, they came up with another promoting strategy – TV broadcasting. Who knows, maybe this will put the game under the spotlight in 2020!

5.Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)

MLBB used not to go further than India and Thailand in the year it appeared. However, the new developer Moonton engaged the audience in Europe and the Americas. M1 World Championship, therefore, invited many countries to compete for a $250, 000 prize pool. M2 will be held in Indonesia, but the participants come from further than Southeast Asia: U.S., Brazil, Russia, and Turkey. For the US, MLBB is a great option after its biggest competitor Arena of Valor excluded the American team from the International Championship.

For the reason that the market is growing and expanding one’s influence became harder, Moonton released MLBB 2.0, which is expected to meet all the needs of an average mobile player. The new UI design and state-of-the-art map look quite attractive comparing to the layout offered by Arena of Valor.

All in all, the world of esports is growing due to the strong competition in the market. Releasing a mobile analog of a popular battle royale is not enough – the developers have to come with the futuristic solutions for attracting more players. The formula of success is pretty simple: launch a special streaming platform, fund an international tournament, and come up with a convenient UI.

Author: Roberto Pena